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Hello there,

I am about to share with you a Great video, I just passed my exam and just starting out.  Being new to the industry is fun and exciting but also difficult.  I want to transition to a full-time real estate agent very soon.

This is going to be awesome, I have been interested in Real Estate for a while, and I have signed up for Real Estate Class Jan 2017. I already reserved my seat. I have some experience –  “I have owned my primary homes before” and think is time to get in and make money. I have 3 kids to put through college and don’t make enough at the moment. Please check out this for homes for sale in Sebastopol Ca

I have taped this a 6-part step-by-step course designed for those who want to not only make some easy money in real estate now, but also build a job replacement vehicle so being employed becomes something you only do if you want to, not because you have to. Make sure to watch all 3 videos and decide if being a real estate investor is right for you! Check the perfect baking recipe for selling a great house with great kitchen.

When you are selling real estate the pictures and video play a key role in motivating the clients.  Refer to videography bay area for some tips.

Ok, so money does not grow on trees… If it works we will come up with a reasonable number, which will be the percentage I just give you, for the first 10 houses I flip. What I am getting at is that no one ever says how to get the house. It’s not a down payment, not borrowing from banks, and it might be an investor who likes a good gamble.Even after 2008 real estate is still an asset. It still proves to be one of the more reliable and valuable assets you can get when it’s done right. If you pay too much for ANYTHING it’s going to be a liability. Make smart deals in real estate and it’s an asset. Making smart deals means doing as much research as possible and that is very important. I have a Santa Rosa chiropractor friend who was looking for a home and found it using similar techniques.Looking for an extra room for the little baby!

I enjoy sharing this content with all of you and am new to the real estate investing world. I have a postcard campaign in the works and wanted to know what you would suggest for a beginner…Wholesale or subject to?? Thanks