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While real estate agents make the sale of a home look simple, it is, in fact, quite complex. Not only are there several legal factors to consider with the administrative side being tricky in itself – we all hate paperwork. It is important to take into account the showing aspect first because the house needs to be adequately presented before anyone will consider making an offer to purchase.

The best way to ensure the house is suitably presented and capture a viewer’s attention is by highlighting the property’s positive attributes. Many people enjoy viewing a good kitchen because cooking and entertaining are important aspects of a person’s lifestyle. This article will provide information on how to use a great kitchen to sell a home.

• Removing Kitchen Clutter

Despite items placed around the kitchen creating a sense of warmth, it is important that the kitchen is cleared of all clutter. Keepsakes and antiques make may the kitchen seem unique, but if the room is filled with clutter it will not be appealing to the buyer. Large or small, many buyers will be unable to see past the ‘stuff’ in the room and it will make the individual move onto another home. Furthermore, buyers will often consider clutter to make a room seem smaller than it is and this will not be a true representation of the kitchen’s


• Use The Lighting Correctly

Lighting and property showing are two concepts that work together seamlessly and this is particularly true when presenting a kitchen. If the kitchen is a small room, natural like can be highly beneficial because it will make the room appear instantly larger. Furthermore, by enlarging the windows and allowing more natural light in you can make the room look even bigger.

Of course, if there is no large window available, it is possible to use lighting fixtures in a strategic manner to promote space. For example, by placing a fixture above the kitchen counter you can improve the functionality of the area and increase the size of the working space. Furthermore, by placing LED bulbs around the kitchen instead of traditional incandescent bulbs you will make the room appear larger than it is.

• Keep The Area Clean

Cleanliness of the kitchen area is important beyond clearing away clutter. One way to put a potential buyer off is to have a dirty kitchen. If the kitchen is dirty, it will demonstrate an unhygienic approach and perception that the property was not receiving the car it deserved.If you are a fan of baking then keeping the kitchen can be a challenge. You can use a top cooling rack to prevent baked items from creating a mess and save you lots of time. Larger kitchens may also appear smaller if the working areas are covered in dirt and grime, which is not a good situation when attempting to sell the home.


• Update If Required

While some individuals do enjoy the ‘traditional and antiquated’ decor, old-fashioned kitchens will often deter potential buyers. This is one of the reasons why it is highly recommended that you keep the kitchen updated regarding counters, cabinets, flooring, and anything else that can be seen. Many buyers are searching for homes that are ready to move in and does not require renovation, so try and keep this in mind when putting a property up for sale.